Planned Parenthood (campaign Concept)


Planned Parenthood is pro-healthcare.

Planned Parenthood is a place that offers you information, education and services to be healthy. It’s a place you go when you have a question, a concern, an issue. It’s a place you go for help. It’s a place that helps you make your decision on what to do with your body.



  • How do you bring this to life through contemporary culture/political climate?
  • How do we make sure this idea initiates conversation and creates dialog?
  • How do we avoid talking to ourselves and our own biases?
  • How do we avoid creating a message that lives within its own echo chamber on social?


Conservatives have painted Planned Parenthood as the enemy.

Planned Parenthood has become the symbol for abortion when abortion makes up only 3% of their services. Our current political climate has turned a healthcare facility into a political debate.


Reframe how Planned Parenthood is talked about.

Planned Parenthood has always been about offering women the full spectrum of reproductive health care. This includes STD testing, vaccines, birth control, pregnancy testing and services, sex education, LGBT services, men’s sexual health and general health care.


    Idea 1– Game of life


    Everyone makes choices based on what they know.


    A take on ‘Game of Life’ that puts you in different scenarios and experiences outside of our own situation.

    The game takes users through scenarios with different socio-economic consequences like money, health, relationships. Wherever possible Planned Parenthood appears as an option and provides insight into the services offered.

    Planned Parenthood Presentation - Game of Life.jpg

    the twist

    Utilising social media profiles, we can serve more of the content that will be relevant to the user throughout their ‘Life Journey’ and serve them issues or challenges that they may not be aware of.  

    Teens – 20s
    Based around myth busting, contraception and STDs

    20s – 40s
    Focus on family planning, responsibility and STDs

    40’s +
    Choices around Cancer screening and prevention

    Pro Life Supporters
    Geared towards prevention and education not abortion

    Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 11.10.40 am.png


    Anyone with a social media profile (or without). The platform is instantly shareable, easy to digest and encourages users to invite others to take part.