A website to move a university forward. 


The universities first digital specific team was formed in late 2013 (Digital Marketing Coordinator + Digital Designer) and the first task was an overhaul of the current university website.

The challenge: Cumbersome, not responsive, an information overload with no clear structure was currently in place as a result of no content management, all stakeholders having content editor access and no control over page build or structure. 

Being an internal team, the build was much larger than the physical build, stakeholder management, content guides and training for all internal staff that were to be involved in the future of the new site was needed.


Research: Thorough research was undertaken with staff, students, stakeholders and external users to determine key areas for improvement.

Audience Testing: Audience testing and validation was key to the development of our new information architecture (how everything fits together and where everything lives).

Design: Based on our updated brand, the site is modern, clean and designed, mobile first, with an emphasis on ease-of-use.

Implementation: An upgrade to our content management system ensured that the build and technical implementation was current and able to host our new, user-friendly site. 

Content Review: We’ve reduced and consolidated content to ensure we have a clean, easy-to-use, consistent site.


  • 65% less pages for cleaner, more concise content. (That's down from 3000 pages)
  • 76% less images for a faster more consistent site. (With an image guideline for consistent art direction, sizing, quality and file size.)
  • 15 months of work by a redevelopment project team of 3.
  • Increased traffic to key program and application pages.
  • Positive community, internal stakeholder and student feedback.  
  • Clear traffic channels through the site which can be used to further improve content specific to user needs.