building a brand partnership. 

We’re the answer to your questions. We’re the path to your career. We’re the seed to your florist shop.

We’re the alarm clock to your potential. We’re the recipe to your restaurant. Were the Robin to your Batman.

We’re the sausage to your roll. We’re the spreadsheet to your start-up. We’re the Freud to your Jung.

We’re the uni to your future.

Working as an art director with the team at Nick Pty Ltd while also leading a team of in-house designers at CQUni, we developed a new creative concept that would again, set the uni apart and raise the bar in the development of an incredibly flexible campaign that worked to deliver personalised messages to micro target markets.  We developed a new language that gives us clarity, flexibility, functionality and creativity — which all adds up to cut through.

The partnership concept has two ingredients. On one side, an amazing set of “Active” service deliveries and the other side where our audiences varied, diverse and incredibly unique values, hopes, dreams, life stage and desires are represented.

Rollout included: 


Html5 display ads and retargeting ads, mobile optimised responsive web lands, eDMs, social platform buy rollouts across Facebook and Instagram, . 

We were the first education institute in Australia to rollout Facebook's new Canvas application.


All of the regulars including: TVC, billboards press, adshels, posters, bus sides, direct mail, 

Creative Concept: Nick Pty Ltd
TVC: Nick Pty Ltd
Campaign rollout: In-House

(Mid-year and Open Days recruitment periods 2016.)