explore the cquniverse. 
a world of opportunities. 

designed to disrupt the stagnant higher education market. explore the cquniverse was a concept born of a play on words, a push to move forward and the need to stand out from the crowd.


Leading a team of in-house designers we worked with a creative agency to ensure concept work was on brand and to brief. Post concept and TVC approval, the roll-out of the campaign came in-house where I oversaw the delivery of all campaign elements across our design team.

These assets included: 


  • 10 x Billboards
  • Metro Adshels and Walking Billboards
  • 50 x Press ads


  • 85 x Digital Display Ads inc. MREC, Skyscrapers, Leaderboards
  • Digital Press Takeovers
  • Web Takeovers
  • eDMs
  • Spotify, Instagram and Facebook advertising
  • Mobile advertising
  • Social platform rollout
  • Owned platform rollout
  • Creation of video and social content

Creative Concept: Nick Pty Ltd
TVC Agency: Breeder
Web Land: FLIP
Campaign rollout: In House

(Main recruitment period 2014/2015 and campaign extension for main recruitment period 2015/2016.)