Refreshing a brand

building for the future, finding the point of difference and matching a brand to it's audience. 


CQUniversity merged with CQ TAFE in June 2014 and as a result the brand needed an overhaul to reflect our new market. 

Universities have a relatively standard set of stock poses, think - holding a book, standing in front of a sandstone building. CQUni, with it's young, vibrant attitude needed to adopt an art direction that reflected this can-do, all hands on deck outlook. 

To do this we up-weighted our hero colour of green, built into the brand fresh new leaf elements taken from our crest and built a whole new suite of photography that heroes in-situ, hands-on, learning and teaching environments.  

The refreshed brand was rolled out across our website, marketing materials, publications, advertising and imagery. 

In order to be able to produce such a huge amount of collateral in-house (1000s of pieces) I worked to design base templates for all assets and roll out the implementation of these assets across our in-house design team.